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Type of crime
wilful murder8 6792838 962
unintentional homicides1917198
voluntary bodily harm9 96226910 231
accidentaly bodily harm2018209
slander and defamation37812390
solicitation of prostitution, exploitation, aiding and abetting of prostitution60697703
child prostitution19161252
child pornography1013104
detenzione di materiale pornografico attraverso sfruttamento di minori1010101
turismo finalizzato allo sfruttamento e prostituzione di minori101
offences of sexual violence3 154613 215
sexual acts with minors63823661
corruption of minors81384
private violence, threat6 6132696 882
other offences against the person46221483
bigamy, incest and other offences against the family761389
family assistance duties violations2561257
maltreatment in the family or against children2 294682 362
indecent exposure94498
obscene publications and shows606
offences of theft12 30460712 911
robbery16 71256417 276
extortion7 2051727 377
kidnapping for ransom48513498
property damage2 709542 763
reiteration of issuing bad checks10111
offences of fraudolent insolvency79956855
crimes of fraud1 6281201 748
receiving of stolen goods11 25328611 539
arbitrary invasion of companies2730273
fraud in trade909
sale of non-genuine foodstuffs101
counterfeiting money, legal tender, revenue stamps40121422
counterfeiting seals41215427
counterfeiting acts and persons3 9881824 170
offences against the personality of the state13510145
peculation, malversation and other offences against public administration by public officers35911370
neglect of official duties and other offences against public administration by private citizens42220442
violence, insult against a public officer, resistance to a public officer7 2321617 393
offences against the justice system6 4823136 795
offences against religions and the deceased1 024411 065
criminal association2 8881173 005
mafia-style organized crime6 9721347 106
offences against public order (different from criminal association and mafia-style organized crime)71273
offences against public safety1 373181 391
drugs and psychotropic substances19 06373019 793
violations involving termination of pregnancy and medically assisted procreation171128
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