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Data typenumber of persons convicted of felony by final judgement
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Nature of the crimesimple completed felonycontinued completed felonysimple attempted felonycontinued attempted felonycomplicity in culpable felonyall items
Type of crime
Hide subtree offences against the person22 1944 61699620634028 352
Hide subtree offences against life11 0881 3544898113913 151
Hide subtree wilful murder4711453936401 073
 completed murder471145000616
 attempted murder00393640457
 unintentional homicides1 75621001381 915
Hide subtree offences against individual safety10 5291 207941619912 045
 voluntary bodily harm6 6221 048841617 771
 accidentaly bodily harm1 88633001982 117
 riot1 645300001 675
Hide subtree offences of defamation1 6848400112 526
 instructions against illegal press, obscene press and destruction of printed matter23359000292
Hide subtree offences against individual liberty7 5362 389507124210 558
 human trafficking, slavery242400048
 solicitation of prostitution, exploitation, aiding and abetting of prostitution543303551857
 child pornography, child prostitution243981140356
Hide subtree offences against personal liberty1 1406471162811 932
 offences of sexual violence8624641012111 449
 sexual acts with minors68102650181
 corruption of minors18901028
Hide subtree offences against moral liberty4 8471 1383167706 378
 stalking1 1431962201 343
 private violence8151983027401 389
Hide subtree offences against the inviolability of domicile6221495570833
 offences of violation of domicile5581134970727
 misuse of information systems553360094
 misuse of interception, interruption and falsification of telematic communications511422069
 violation of correspondence521521070
 violation of professional, scientific, industrial secrecy15100016
Hide subtree offences against the family5 9511 5810007 532
 offences against marriage700007
 offences against family morality100001
 offences against family status21100022
Hide subtree offences against family assistance5 9221 5800007 502
 family assistance duties violations3 7071 0950004 802
 maltreatment in the family2 2154850002 700
Hide subtree offences against public morals49760100558
 indecent exposure49160100552
 obscene publications and shows600006
Hide subtree cruelty to animals22033310257
 mistreatment of animals16820000188
Hide subtree offences against property54 4749 62212 3248321177 263
Hide subtree offences of theft21 0623 5999 568388434 621
 attempted theft000000
Hide subtree robbery5 7005681 5488017 897
 attempted robbery001 5488001 628
Hide subtree extortion61064162525902 135
 attempted extortion006252590884
 kidnapping for ransom32300035
 property damage6 85565833647 556
Hide subtree offences against property by fraud20 2154 15355099225 019
Hide subtree crimes of fraud3 9961 2634416515 766
 attempted swindle000000
 offences of embezzlement1 8234463202 274
 receiving of stolen goods11 7341 3352311113 104
 offences of money laundering1 282690471502 034
Hide subtree offences against public economy, industry and trade32164345260756
Hide subtree offences against industry and trade31864345260753
 fraud in trade18845341270601
 sale of non-genuine foodstuffs13110015
 manufacture and sale of counterfeit products10612400122
Hide subtree counterfeiting money, seals, acts and persons11 8541 98214132114 010
 counterfeiting money, legal tender, revenue stamps4271261840575
 counterfeiting seals617103511727
 counterfeiting acts7 1641 182711808 435
 counterfeiting persons3 64757147904 274
offences against the personality of the state22200024
Hide subtree offences against public administration12 9082 8934913215 865
Hide subtree offences against public administration by public officers2 13341629902 587
 crimes of peculation172204710384
Hide subtree violation of the duties and abuse of office1 633571101 692
 neglect or refusal of official duties26200028
 abuse of official duties in cases not specifically provided by the law301401045
Hide subtree offences against public administration by private citizens10 7492 474204213 249
 violence, insult against a public officer, resistance to a public officer9 5972 126123111 739
Hide subtree offences against the justice system8 644623892109 377
 offences against judicial activity2 8992439303 154
Hide subtree offences against judicial decisions authority5 16927713105 460
 escape4 11815611004 285
 intentional unsuccessful execution of a judge's injunction9891071101 098
 violazione colposa dei doveri inerenti alla custodia di cose pignorate o sottoposte a sequestro giudiziario o conservativo26300029
 offences involving illegal tutelage of private reasons57610367170763
Hide subtree offences against religions and the deceased26210029
 offences against religions18100019
 offences against the deceased8110010
Hide subtree offences against public order1 416442001 462
 criminal association80526100832
 mafia-style organized crime, including foreignInformation onitem59912100612
Hide subtree offences against public safety6786541528817
Hide subtree offences involving public danger by violence4404934515543
Hide subtree offences involving public danger by fraud691370291
 adulteration and counterfeit of foodstuffs610007
 trade or administration of adulterated medicines18250227
 offences involving public danger17830011192
Hide subtree other violations of rules:
 arms and explosives: licence, possession, trade1 9553123202 272
 arts and enviroment29735300335
 building and town planning (involving preservation of the landscape)25400029
 elections and political parties302300053
 anti-mafia and anti-subversion preventive measures41260000472
 immigration4 46823612014 717
Hide subtree company offences4 5202411134 766
Hide subtree bankruptcy4 4752261134 706
 fraudulent bankruptcy2 6291651102 796
Hide subtree tax offences3 4575690004 026
 direct and indirect taxes3 4575690004 026
 smuggling2 05518214002 251
 drugs and psychotropic substances17 2455 2355018122 549
Hide subtree protection of the enviroment: pollution and waste37536100412
 violation of the highway code1 0831300011 214
 violation of maritime ad air navigation laws35200037
 violation of military code42200044
 violation of racial discrimination laws720009
Hide subtree violations involving termination of pregnancy and medically assisted procreation14030320
 medically assisted procreation000000
 social security and assistance3 0826 0140059 101
 violation of the sport rules441811064
illegal gaming and betting1108000118
disruption of sporting events000000
other offences (synthetic classification)58642100629
all items159 44534 82314 0981 159396209 921
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