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Welcome to PublicAdministration.Stat

What is PublicAdministration.Stat?

PublicAdministration.Stat provides a wide wealth of information on central and local governments and related sectors with the aim to support policy makers and public administrators and meet citizens’ needs of information and transparency. The warehouse originates from a project Istat-Cnel.

What can be found in PublicAdministration.Stat?

The warehouse collects statistical indicators calculated on the basis of balance sheet of regions, provincial governments, municipalities, universities, local health units and hospital companies and chambers of commerce. Indicators are available for individual administration. They are also available data and indicators about sectors of public administration such as health, education, culture, justice, social security and welfare. Wealth of information is completed by data and indicators on wages and on customer satisfaction about services offered by public administrations.

How PublicAdministration.Stat works?

Statistics are organized by theme in a two-level hierarchical tree. Data are presented in aggregate form in multidimensional tables; acting on variables, reference periods and the arrangement of heads and sides users can create custom tables and graphs. A wide range of standard metadata facilitates the retrieval and understanding of statistics by users.

How often is the system upgraded?

Contents are regularly upgraded as data are released.


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